Welcome to Creative Zumba
Join the party! 

What you do...

Have fun! Don’t worry about being perfect.

Go at your own pace and if you like my classes,
please tell your friends and come back.

What you wear...

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Remember to bring water to drink.

Questions? Call me at 253-678-8547

Feature Videos

Lucky Strike

Bailan Rochas Y Chetas


Ella  Me Copia

High Hopes

Amor de Locos

Cool French Song


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Wanda DeGolier

I have had a full life, business owner, novelist and stay-at-home mom for a while. My life took an unexpected turn one day when I took this crazy sounding class called Zumba back in 2008 and fell hopelessly in love. I am so happy I took my passion further and learned to teach.

Zumba is so much more than fitness, it's FUN, it creates friendships, and unlike other types of fitness classes, it's great for helping memory and cognitive function. Dancing with others is linked to happiness, so what are you wating for, come and move to a groove with us!

I have a BS degree is Business Administration, as well as 17 fitness certifications including ACE Group Fitness, ACE Personal Trainer, SAIL, and a host of Zumba licenses. 

Contact Wanda

You can call or text me at 253-six78-8547

Or you can email me at wanda@creativezumba.com